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Safe storage of Quorn Products

Safe storage of Quorn Products

There’s nothing more annoying than wasting good food. As much as we know you love our Quorn Meatless and Soy Free Chik’n Pieces and Quorn Grounds, chances are you probably won’t want to eat the exact same meal tomorrow.

So if you cook more than you can eat, it could be a couple of days before you finish your Quorn. People often ask us, ‘What is Quorn and how do I store it safely?’ so we’ve come up with a simple guide to keeping your cooked Quorn Meatless and Soy Free meals safe in storage.

Five Tips for safe storage

Refrigerating leftovers – It is recommended by the FDA that food is stored in the fridge within two hours once cooked. This reduces to just one hour if the room temperature is above 90° F. This should not affect your appliance but will help keep your Quorn leftovers at their best. Make sure you don’t pack your fridge too tightly either as the air needs to circulate.

Freezing leftovers– Importantly, if the Quorn was frozen when you bought it, you should not refreeze it again after cooking. Just pop it into an air-tight container in the fridge and it will be fine for up to three days. So whether you’re planning to eat Quorn Mince or Quorn Chik’n Pieces you now know the best way to store them once you’ve worked your culinary magic.

Keep your appliances at the correct temperatures – keep the fridge below 40° F and the freezer at 0° F. Just give them a quick check every now and again – appliance thermometers are cheap enough and handy to keep your eye on your appliances.

Check storage directions on labels – all of our Quorn products are slightly different in terms of the way they should be stored for the best results, so make sure you read the instructions on the packaging! Most of our refrigerated products are good for 24 hours in the fridge once opened, and for three days once cooked.

Do the basics – wash your hands and clean surfaces. Cook to a safe temperature and enjoy the Meat Free goodness.

Fridge Tips

Clean regularly and wipe spills immediately – this helps reduce the growth of Listeria bacteria and prevents it from spreading from one food to another. Clean the fridge out frequently.

Keep foods covered – Cover your Quorn foods or keep them in a sealed storage bag. Check for spoilage before eating.

Freezer Facts

Quorn will still be a hearty meal – If your Quorn products are in the freezer for three months or less, they will still have their tenderness, flavour, aroma, juiciness, and colour. Be sure to follow cooking instructions on the packaging and store any leftovers in an airtight container, and place them in the fridge within two hours of cooking.

Freezing barely reduces nutrients – There will be little change in Quorn’s protein value* during freezing.

You still need to check regularly – we recommend checking the temperature of your appliance once a week.

We have plenty of Quorn recipes for you to choose from on our website, so you can discover the latest additions to our delicious products at Quorn.us.

Quorn Foods

Any Quorn products that you try will help you to make a delicious, nutritional meal for you and your family to enjoy. For the best results, be sure to follow the instructions on the packaging and feel free to experiment with our recipes to your own tastes. Our forward-thinking team of chefs are developing even more hearty meals for you to enjoy.

For more information about Quorn, be sure to visit our Safe Storage page.

*Quorn Meatless and Soy Free products are a nutritionally healthy protein source. Protein contributes to the growth in & maintenance of muscle mass.