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Quorn Stockists

Quorn Stockists

Quorn is readily available all over the UK as well as 15 countries worldwide. But did you know that we also offer 28 Quorn products in the U.S. that are a source of fibre, a source of protein, safe, and tasty. Want to know where you can buy them from in order to cook delicious Meatless and Soy free meals at home? Well here is a short post about what we sell and where we sell it in America.

Whether it’s breakfast, burgers, something quick or a meal from scratch, Quorn offer a product to help. All of our products are Meatless and Soy Free! The list below has something for every occasion, just be sure to check out the range that is available in your nearest stockist.

Quorn products in the U.S.

Breakfast Sausage 

Breakfast Sausage patties

Gourmet Burger

Quarter Pound Burger

Cheese Burger

Classic Burger

Turk’y Burger

Vegan Burger

Buffalo Chik’n Bites

Chik’n Nuggets

Chik’n Patties

Chik’n Tenders

Cranberry & Goats Cheese Chik’n Cutlet

Garlic & Herb Chik’n Cutlet

Gruyere Cheese Cutlet

Italian Marinara Chik’n Bites

Jalapeno and Three Cheese Stuffed Chik’n Cutlets

Quorn Holiday Dinner

Naked Chik’n Cutlets

Chik’n Tenders


Meatless Meatballs

Turk’y Roast


Chik’n & Tomato Roasted Corn Salsa Burrito

Chipotle Lime Chik’n & Re-fried Beans Burrito

Kung Pao Chik’n

Spaghetti & Meatless Balls


Our stockists are Walmart, Target stores and Whole Foods. All of the above Quorn products are available in the U.S. but not all products are available at each store. They’re all a healthy protein source and great as part of a balanced diet. Please check with your local store for availability.

Quorn Foods

Any Quorn dish you try will help you to make your favourite meals healthier for you and your family to enjoy. For best results, be sure to follow the instructions on the packaging, and feel free to experiment with our recipes to your own tastes. Our forward-thinking team of chefs are developing even more hearty meals for you to enjoy, all the time.