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Quorn vegan burger

Quorn vegan burger

Quorn is focused on providing healthy, tasty food products for as many people as possible, regardless of their dietary requirements. It is because of this that Quorn make Vegan products, and in the US, the Vegan Burger enables vegans to enjoy Quorn.

What’s the vegan burger?

Like all Quorn products, the vegan burger is Meatless and Soy Free, and it’s suitable for vegans because we’ve replaced the egg white that is used as a binder in most Quorn products, with potato protein and wheat gluten.

The Vegan Burger has a fantastic texture and can help you to create delicious meals that are low in saturated fat and a source of protein and fiber. Quorn Foods are continually working to expand the vegan range due to high demand, so watch this space for news of upcoming launches. The Quorn Vegan Burger is stocked in over 1,000 stores, including Walmart, Whole Foods Market and Target Stores. So make sure you visit your local shopping mall and try it out for yourself!

What is Quorn?

Quorn is perfect if you're trying to eat healthier as part of an active lifestyle, watching your weight, or if you want some meat-free meal inspiration.

Plus products can be a great source of protein while still allowing you to enjoy your favorite meals.

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Quorn Foods

Any Quorn products that you try will help you to make a delicious, nutritional meal for you and your family to enjoy. For the best results, be sure to follow the instructions on the packaging and feel free to experiment with our recipes to your own tastes. Our forward-thinking team of chefs are developing even more hearty meals for you to enjoy.

*Quorn Meatless and Soy Free Vegan products are source of protein and fiber. Protein contributes to a growth in and maintenance of muscle mass.