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An introduction to Quorn whiteboard series

An introduction to Quorn whiteboard series

Quorn’s new video whiteboard series on YouTube helps you to gain a better understanding of what Quorn actually is, and the benefits of adding it to your diet.

An Introduction to Quorn - Part 1: What is Quorn?

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Products like Quorn Grounds are meatless soy-free, sustainable and healthy. They can be cooked quickly and conveniently from frozen, so you can prepare a healthy, nutritional meal in no time.

This video shows you through the history of Quorn from its humble beginnings in the UK to becoming a global brand.

Quorn Foods are not only working to help the world to eat more sustainably, but also helping people to live a healthier, balanced lifestyle without sacrificing on taste.

An Introduction to Quorn - Part 2: Mycoprotein™

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Mycoprotein™ is the main ingredient in Quorn products which gives them their meat-like taste and texture.

Discovered growing near the vast wheat fields in South East England over 50 years ago; Mycoprotein has been found to have huge nutritional value, as its high in protein, a source of fiber and low in saturated fat.

Not only are Quorn products quick and easy to prepare, they’re also incredibly versatile Check out the recipes we recommend or try some of your own!

An Introduction to Quorn - Part 3: A Healthy Protein

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Not only do products like Quorn Meatless and Soy Free Grounds have a lower carbon footprint than their meat equivalents, they’re also a healthy alternative to typical meat products.

Protein is an important part of your diet whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle mass or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle. As a healthy source of protein, Quorn Grounds are enjoyed by worldwide athletes including Biggest Loser trainer Jessie Pavelka.

Quorn Grounds are gluten-free, meatless and Soy Free. You can find Quorn products at your local Walmart, Target and Whole Foods stores. For more information, read our blog post on ‘Where to find Quorn’.

Quorn Foods

Any Quorn products that you try will help you to make a delicious, nutritional meal for you and your family to enjoy. For the best results, be sure to follow the instructions on the packaging and feel free to experiment with our recipes to your own tastes. Our forward-thinking team of chefs are developing even more hearty meals for you to enjoy.