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#QUORNivore Challenge - Can you tell the difference?

#QUORNivore Challenge - Can you tell the difference?

Take part in the QUORNivore challenge and see if the meat eaters in your household notice the difference between meat and Quorn™.

What is the QUORNivore challenge?

For one week, simply swap the meat to Quorn™ when making your favourite meals and ask your partner/family if they notice the difference!

Joanne Gould recently did it to her carnivore husband and he didn’t suspect a thing – that has now led to the couple using Quorn products on a consistent basis in the kitchen.

She told the Daily Mail: “Overall we both found the experience surprisingly enlightening. I've always been a fan of veggie food, but I've never actually used meat 'substitutes' to cook with”

Their experiment included Quorn Meatless and Soy Free Chik’n fillet kebabs – which Joanne’s husbandmistook for ordinary chicken kebabs, and Quorn Chef’s Selection Sausages and mashed potato. He also believed that they were traditional pork sausages and mash.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and quality of a lot of the products… Ultimately, the convenience and health factor of this week was still really impressive and shows that cutting down on meat does not have to be costly or difficult.”

Joanne proves it can be done, but if you’re not feeling daring enough to try this all week then just tell them what you’re up to and try the QUORNivore challenge together!


Discover Quorn for yourself! Whether they realise on the first day, or you manage to convince your other half or friends for a full week, we’d love to hear about your QUORNivore challenge (and see your pictures). Share your experience using the hashtag #QUORNivore across social media and we will pick out the best ones and share them! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.

The QUORNivore challenge lasts for a week, but you can do it whenever you’re ready. So get to work!