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Recovering from sickness

Recovering from sickness

When you’re feeling ill, you just want to feel better as soon as possible. As the weather gets colder, the sickness season is upon us, so Quorn takes a look at what foods can aid your recovery.

Sickness Recuperation

Your body needs more calories to fight off illness than usual, so don’t worry too much about your diet plan, focus more on getting better. Your energy levels need to be high, so try sticking to regular eating patterns as much as possible; this will prevent your symptoms from becoming worse and lengthening the duration of the illness.

You may feel that your appetite has been ruined by sickness, but make sure you stay well-nourished and hydrated. Try to eat and drink regularly, as it will help to give your body extra energy and stay strong.

Immunity-boosting foods

Certain foods can help you to recover from sickness. Here are the best foods to give you a boost.

Soup – It’s not just a myth that this can help you to recover. It helps to prevent dehydration and fight inflammation or congestion. Why not try Quorn Meatless and Soy Free Chik’n Tenders with noodles and a vegetable broth or Quorn’s Thai-Style Chik'n and Coconut Soup?

Hot Tea – Warm liquids can soothe a sore throat and alleviate congestion. Freshly-brewed green tea supports your immune system which fights off infections. You can even try hot water with lemon. Ginger can help with nausea and sickness so maybe try to include this too if you’re feeling a little queasy.

Citrus Fruits – There’s no scientific proof that vitamin C can help you recover from a cold, but the soft white layer of skin surrounding citrus fruits contains flavonoids which boosts the immune system so why not try an orange or grapefruit with breakfast?

Ice Lollies – These can be a great way to hydrate if you don’t feel up to drinking liquids. They can also help with a sore throat, and if it’s made of whole fruit then it’s even better for your recovery.

Spicy Foods – Spicy foods can help to relieve congestion. Why not try our Quorn’s Chilli recipe or Thai Red Curry, which you can use as a mild base to add spices for your preferred heat.

Plain foods – We all know plain foods are good when feeling under the weather. Bananas, crackers and dry toast can help with stomach issues and recovery from general illness.

Overall, you need to ensure you are eating regularly, and including fiber and protein in your meals. Quorn have a variety of recipes which can help with this, and that incorporate some of the above foods.


Any Quorn products that you try will help you to make a delicious, nutritional meal for you and your family to enjoy. For the best results, be sure to follow the instructions on the packaging and feel free to experiment with our recipes to your own tastes. Our forward-thinking team of chefs are developing even more hearty meals for you to enjoy.

*Quorn Meatless and Soy Free products are a nutritionally healthy protein source. Protein contributes to the growth in & maintenance of muscle mass.