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Cooking Quorn Safely

From ready-to-eat snacks and microwaveable meals, to frozen cutlets and grounds, at Quorn Foods, our range of products are made to the highest possible standards, so you can enjoy Meatless & Soy Free meals that are nutritious, safe and tasty.

Easy to cook

When it comes to preparing Quorn products, we’ve always wanted consumers to share an experience which makes cooking both easy and safe. Whether you’re at home in the kitchen, in the office or even outside cooking in the garden, at Quorn Foods, we’ve spent the last 30 years developing products which are simple to cook and easily introduced as part of a healthier, balanced diet.

Cooking Quorn safely

Safety at Quorn has always been paramount, indeed, all Quorn products meet international regulatory standards, including the standards set by the US Food and Drug Administration.. Being able to deliver nutritious and great-tasting products which are safe to eat has always been a driving force behind what we do here at Quorn, and today is no different. Our range of frozen, chilled and ready-to-eat products have been designed specifically with consumers in mind, and are sold with on pack instructions to ensure you create only the very best results when it comes to cooking and storage.

Wherever possible, we always promote safe storage and preparation here at Quorn Foods, and recommend that you always read the product packaging to ensure the best results for food safety, health and taste, as the instructions on each pack can vary.

The safety of Quorn has always been of the upmost importance. Over the past 30 years, we’ve been proud to have served more than 3 billion Quorn meals to families like yours around the world.

Safe food preparation

We’re dedicated to providing great tasting nutritious, safe food. Frozen Quorn products can be used in many of your favorite meals, straight from your freezer without the need to defrost, because unlike meat, there is no risk of meat associated pathogens such as Salmonella and Campylobacter.  This means a reduced risk of food poisoning, sickness and disease, or other symptoms caused by foodborne illnesses. So Quorn is safe to freeze, safe to cook, and safe to eat.

Whilst Quorn products are safe to eat, to avoid any possible contact with unsafe materials, we always recommend careful food preparation. Cross contamination should be avoided and Quorn products should be prepared separately to other food groups such as meat, fish and dairy products, where possible.

For cooking, we always include thorough cooking instructions with our frozen and fresh products. These vary from product to product, but we normally recommend that Quorn products that require cooking are heated to an internal temperature of at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit.


When cooking or preparing Quorn products, it’s always important to refer to the instructions present on any packaging. Even when you’re trying out new recipes and cooking from scratch, you should always refer back to our tailor-made cooking instructions, which can be found on the back of each product.