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Quorn Ingredients

As well as being a safe and healthy, source of protein and dietary fiber, Quorn’s range of Meatless & Soy Free products are designed, ultimately, to be as delicious as possible – using only the best tasting ingredients.

What is Quorn made of?

All Quorn products contain an innovative ingredient—Mycoprotein™. It’s GMO – free, high in protein, a source of fiber and low in saturated fat. Mycoprotein™ is derived from an abundant natural organism called Fusarium Venenatum. It was discovered growing near vast wheat fields in England. And despite its small size, it was found to have enormous nutritional value. We use a natural fermentation process to enable it to grow—similar to how beer and yogurt are made—blending it with nutrients derived from wheat and maize, air and essential minerals. We then add a small amount of egg white (or potato extract in our vegan products), shape it and then freeze it before adding it to Quorn products, so that our foods have a remarkably similar structure, texture and consistency to meat.  It acts as the perfect starting point for a wide range of diverse food products.

To see a video that explains how Quorn is made, click here: Quorn - What Makes Us Unique? (Act II)

Our ingredients

With 28 products currently on sale in the US marketplace, Quorn’s product range utilizes a large amount of different ingredients, from herbs and spices to natural flavorings. Each product or meal is unique, and each recipe is tailor made for the best possible quality, taste and texture.

Common ingredients in Quorn products include Mycoprotein, egg, salt and natural flavors from non-meat sources, but each product remains unique. Meatless and Soy Free Grounds, for example, only contain 5 ingredients whilst products like our Meatless Turk’y Roast contain the likes of onion powder, sage extract and garlic powder, this helps make these products taste delicious.

Find out more

For full details about all of our current product range and information about ingredients, safety and nutrition, please make sure you visit our products page today. 

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